When Branding Goes Wrong

Brand association with the right celebrity, model or superstar can make a brand skyrocket. But the wrong person or context can destroy a brand.
Author, Profit First
January 04, 2013

The power in branding comes from associating your awesome product or service with an equally or “betterly” awesome model, celebrity or athlete. Businesses want people to associate their product with being hip, cool, sexy, brilliant and successful. That whole association thing is so powerful that even when the general public knows it’s all just branding, people still believe that if they use a certain brand of toothpaste, wear a certain brand of sneakers and jeans and drive a certain brand of car, they too will become sexy underwear models being paid $2,500 a minute to make out on screen with Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie or both. That’s the power of branding.

So what happens when movies and TV shows start showing criminals, serial killers and alcoholics attempting suicide in your top-selling brand of car? Or when a “psychotic prom queen” portrayed by Charlize Theron expresses a genuine cinematic loathing for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream while gulping it down on screen? That's when branding goes wrong.

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