Build a Social Media Listening Station in 6 Steps

Have a six-part social media listening plan that includes marketing pain points and a solid listening report to help maximize your company's social efforts.
December 21, 2012

Business-to-business companies should formulate a six-part social-listening plan before undertaking such efforts, Gerry Moran writes for Business 2 Community. Having that plan "is important for your B2B marketing strategy because it helps to validate what is happening and what you should focus on in real-time," Moran explains.

Develop your goals by understanding the market pain points to address, and establish clear use-case templates that conform to those goals. Rely on a specialist to determine the key words to listen to. After determining the format of your listening report, ensure that the report aligns with the use cases to give it resonance as it's passed along, Moran writes.

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Photo: iStockphoto