Building the Perfect Employee

Unemployment remains high, but a lack of qualified workers is causing jobs to go unfilled. One company has joined with colleges to groom the staff it needs.
Contributing Writer,
April 16, 2013

Despite widespread unemployment, small-business owners are still having trouble finding employees with the skills they need. The problem is particularly acute in mechanical and technical occupations, which increasingly require college degrees and specialized training.

Tristan Lejeune of Employee Benefits News reports that franchisor Snap-on Incorporated (familiarly known as Snap-on Tools) has taken a unique approach to the problem of finding qualified technical workers. The company is partnering with local technical and community colleges to help create programs that ensure grads have the necessary skills to qualify for jobs.

The result is a win-win for companies (which can practically tailor the curriculum to ensure a supply of future employees), schools (which enjoy greater success rates placing new grads in jobs) and communities (which benefit from higher employment).

Frederick Brookhouse, Snap-on's business and education partnership manager, says businesses need to start taking responsibility for creating the workers they need. Is building your own workforce the wave of the future?

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