Can Hope Make You More Productive?

Can hope really be a business strategy?
February 22, 2013

For the last ten years, I have preached to small-business owners that "hope is not a strategy." In Rick Page's popular book of the same title, he writes that "hoping" customers will buy your product is not a strategy for success.

Now I realize I was wrong. According to Shane Lopez, professor at the University of Kansas School of Business and Gallup senior scientist says his research shows that "the belief that things could be better and that you can make them better" can help companies prosper. His research found that a hopeful attitude accounts for a 14 percent increase in workplace productivity.

Hope is critical especially for startup entrepreneurs. In those early days, when the business model is so fragile, sometimes hope is all the new small-business owner has.

Hope nurtures innovation and smooths out the disappointing failures.

To foster the culture of hope in a business, the manager needs to articulate a vision that is bigger than their company and shows how it makes the world a better place. Ask employees to contribute "what ifs" to it.

How do you use hope?

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