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Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs: Reach Out and Keep the Momentum Going

This is the final post in our series of articles and infographics highlighting the achievements of women business owners.
September 13, 2012

This is the final post in our series of articles and infographics highlighting the achievements of women business owners.

There’s a movement underway that is changing the face of workplace culture as more and more women are starting their own businesses. Women are taking control, carving out flexibility and designing their own destiny through entrepreneurship.

I’ve spoken with many women who have embarked on this journey and talked with them about building profitable, mission-led companies that they themselves would want to work for. They’re creating the lives they want to live both personally and professionally, developing harmony between the two instead of having them pull at each other in opposition.

The benefit to all of us is that female entrepreneurs are bringing new and relevant perspectives to the marketplace, innovative experiences and products, and fresh approaches to conducting business that raise the standards for their competitors and that improve the lives of their customers.

Still, with all of this progress, women face concrete challenges, such as finding customers and technical support, and so mentoring and connecting women to the right resources is crucial. All of us can facilitate these connections by reaching out and connecting with the women-owned business in our own communities. If you are an experienced business owner, have coffee with a local entrepreneur and offer insight on how you grew your business. Connect other entrepreneurs with those who can help them—a marketing firm, a payroll service, a new vendor, or another business who has overcome some of the challenges that they might be facing. As a consumer, tout your favorite female-owned business on social media to show your enthusiasm. Share with the owner what you like and what you would like to see more of in terms of their product offerings or customer service. Give detailed feedback and encourage your friends to do the same.  A strong business benefits greatly from candid and clear customer input. Every bit of support and mentorship increases the collective clout of women-business owners and emboldens the community to continue launching and running businesses more successfully.

I want to thank those of you who joined in this discussion online in previous weeks. Now let’s keep the conversation going—online and offline, within and outside of your communities—to help maintain the strong momentum of women-owned businesses.

Join the conversation:

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“I am ____________________ and I am powering tomorrow by _________________.”

This is your space and your conversation. We want it to be thought provoking and useful, and ultimately help you push through the challenges of the entrepreneurial journey.    

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