Company Culture Part 2: Turning Your Culture Around

In the second installment of our Special Feature, we look at businesses whose success stems from a good company culture.
May 23, 2012

Do you have employees who are bored, unproductive, snarky, late, selfish or any combination thereof? In Part 2 of our Special Feature series on company culture, we take a look at how to turn the tide of a negative culture and get the atmosphere you want. Wise Bread’s Julie Rains gives you the 10 ways to identify a bad culture. And Katie Morell shows you tips for dealing with the “culture killer” in your company as well as tips for changing that bad vibe. And you’ll hear from small businesspeople who have created or fostered cool cultures. Finally, Mashable’s Lauren Drell profiles a few young companies that offer some unexpected company perks.

10 Signs of an Unhealthy Company Culture

Your employees may seem content, but you never know if they're just hesitant to voice their grievances to their higher-ups. Julie Rains shares some telltale signs that your staff is unhappy, and how to treat your ailing culture.

How to Change Your Company Culture

Are your junior-level employees sneaking in late and complaining about their tasks for the day? It's a familiar situation for any workplace. Luckily, work environments are easier to change than you think. Katie Morell shares how to change the tide.

How to Deal With a Culture Killer

If you're plagued by a "Debbie Downer" in your workplace, don't reach for that pink slip just yet. Katie Morell shares some more advice on correcting that unprofessional employee's behavior.

Terracycle: Reduce, Reuse, Respect

Albe Zakes of the global recycling company TerraCycle shares why its offices were, to this day, "the coolest office [he] had ever set foot in." He shares some easy ways to make your workplace similarly inspiring.

Greenleaf Books: A Look at Sustained Business Growth

Culture serves as the backbone that supports the spirit of a company, and by extension, its reputation and growth. All too often, initiatives focused around culture are relegated to the 'nice to have' list as opposed to the critical list of company needs. Clint Greenleaf of Greenleaf Books tells us why that's a huge mistake–and how it can affect your bottom line.

Nick's Pizza: A Slice of Core Values

Nick Sarillo opened his first restaurant almost 20 years ago, and he's learned a lot about culture along the way. As the founder of Nick's Pizza & Pub, he shares the how and why of the dynamic culture at his restaurant and the importance of being proactive when creating your culture.

Free Beer and Massages: The Ultimate Company Perks

Startup life isn't easy, but it's a lot more fun than working at a stodgy corporation. Ambitious startups have struck a balance of "work hard, play hard" by offering employee perks that prove the higher-ups will go the extra mile to show their teammates that they're valued and appreciated. Lauren Drell shares a sampling of the most impressive perks that today's startups are offering their employees.

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Illustration by Jake Cohen for OPEN Forum