Part 3: Becoming King of Your Culture

In the third installment of our Special Feature on company culture, we go inside companies that do it right.
May 30, 2012

Now you know how define your company culture from Part 1 of our Special Feature series. And Part 2 (“Turning Your Culture Around") showed you what bad culture looks like—and what you can do to change it. In Part 3, we go behind the scenes to show you six companies who do culture right. In industries from prototyping to produce, these companies prioritize fun, productive work environments. And it shows in happy employees, satisfied customers and soaring profits.

An IT Firm That Takes Employees Offline

Vintage IT Services in Austin is serious about both data and employee satisfaction. Mark Henricks takes you inside this husband-and-wife operation to show you how they create a loyal workforce through an innovative furlough policy and a game room complete with a ping-pong leaderboard.

MakerBot: Prototyping Brooklyn-Style

In the ongoing renaissance of the Borough of Kings, exporting everything from indie music to artisanal bacon, MakerBot hits the scene. This 3D printing company is a portrait in geek chic, where folks in T-shirts prototype everything from toilet-paper rolls to robotics. Business Insider journalists Michael Kelley and Jhaneel Lockhart pay a visit to the shop and show you what makes them the new prototype of cool engineering.

FruitGuys Strive to be Top Banana in Company Culture

A company that ships fruit might not sound like the ideal work environment, but FruitGuys demands a second look. Mark Henricks shows you what sets this company apart in the way it puts its employees first.

A PR Firm With a 'Mullet' Outlook

Shift Communications is not your typical PR firm. Its office is a petri dish of quirky, weird and awesome ideas to liven up its workday. Katie Morell uncovers how festive company events and activities embody the company’s self-styled “mullet mentality”—business up front and party in the back.

Making Solar Panels—and Mountain Retreats

In many ways, Namaste Solar is the manifestation of its name. The solar-panel installer is the epitome of work-life balance with mountain retreats, generous time off and other great perks. Vivian Giang takes you inside this growing green business and how it sets itself apart.

Culture at Gaming Company Gets People Involved

Despite its name, Insomniac Games does not keep its employees working till all hours of the night. Instead, it fosters employee communication and camaraderie. Katie Morell has the inside story on a social gaming company that is truly social.

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Illustration by Jake Cohen for OPEN Forum