4 Elements That Can Make Your Video the Next “Gangnam Style”

Whether or not you want to be the next Psy, it's always helpful to know how to make truly viral videos.
Contributing Writer, SmallBizTrends.com
March 13, 2013

Wouldn't you love to make your next small-business video go viral like the YouTube hit "Gangnam Style"? At this year's South by Southwest festival, Bettina Hein's session, Mythbusters: Engineering a Viral Video, broke out the elements of creating a video your customers can’t help engaging with, sharing and passing along.

What does it take to be the next Psy? According to Hein, a video that goes “whole hog” requires a combination of elements, including Heart (it's good content), Ribs (it's shared on social media), Brain (it's engineered with data) and Tail (plain-old luck).

Hein’s talk on a viral video is itself going viral thanks to the smart way she presented it. At SocialMediaToday you can check out the graphic she used and the brief, clear points that make it easily shareable and instantly memorable—just like the best customer-engagement content.


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 Photo: YouTube.com

Contributing Writer, SmallBizTrends.com