Crucial Interview Questions to Ask a Social Media Manager

A social media manager is one of your most important hires. Make sure you choose the right candidate.
July 03, 2013

When everyone from the teenager next door to the silver-haired advertising executive or college grad calls themselves a “Social Media Guru” how do you weed out the hype from the heavy hitters? If you don’t know much about social media yourself, it’s hard to know who’s the real deal and who is the wannabe. The way you figure out who knows their stuff and who thinks they do, is to ask questions during the interview. Brianna Smith of SocialMediaToday wrote a list of 11 questions that every social media manager should be able to answer, including:

"What social media pages or profiles have you managed in the past? How were they successful?"
"What is Facebook EdgeRank, and why is it important?"
"What do you think of our company’s current social media efforts, and what sites do you think we should be on that we are not? (shows that they have done their research!)"

I don’t know about you guys, but I know how expensive it can be to hire the wrong person for a job. Not only do you waste time and money finding and hiring them, but you might as well be throwing money out the window if they’re not a fit, or not competent and you lose time training, then watching them screw up, then having to fire them and start over. It seems obvious to say, “Hire the right people,” but here goes: “Hire the right people.” Even if you’re so busy you’d hire the first warm body through the door, don’t do it. Take time to find the employee who gets you, understands your business and what you want. Take time to write out your own 11, or 12 questions so you know the person in front of you really does know his or her stuff, whether he or she is applying for a social media manager position or a burger flipping job. Attitude counts more than aptitude, but make sure they have a bit of both!


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