Your Best Business Gift: A Complaint?

The latest customer complaint can actually be a gift and can spur innovation in your company.
April 19, 2013 Many small business owners approach the incoming customer complaint with a certain amount of dread. They believe that it is yet another problem to solve that will cost their company money. 

Instead, think of that latest gripe as a gift. The customer is taking time to say that they are dissatisfied. This is indeed a special time since most dissatisfied customers will just sulk away from a company and never say what they really think. Instead, they become a secret detractor of that company and tell thousands of their friends about their bad experience on social media. When a customer says they are dissatisfied, the company gets a chance to fix it and turn them into a more loyal customer. 

According to Nesta, the U.K.'s innovation foundation, customer complaints can actually fuel innovation. Dr. Jo Casebourne, director of public and social innovation at Nesta, reveals that, "Complaints are usually seen as something to be wary of, but we need to think about complaints positively, as catalysts for change and innovation. This is about looking at why people are disgruntled, what can be fixed, introduced or adapted to better align services with people's needs and expectations."

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Photo: iStockphoto