Do Customers Trust Your Marketing Messages?

Consumers are skeptical of businesses claiming to be socially responsible. To engage with customers interested in a cause, you need to prove your sincerity.
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January 09, 2013

Do you use cause marketing to appeal to your customers’ sense of social responsibility? If so, you should know consumers are increasingly skeptical of brands’ claims of being do-gooders, and you may be driving them away, instead of engaging with them. Just 10 percent of consumers in a study cited by eMarketer think cause marketing campaigns are always sincere; 41 percent assume such campaigns are phony about half the time.

This doesn’t mean cause marketing is a lost cause—more than half of shoppers have purchased a product specifically to support a cause. To get beyond shoppers’ skeptical attitudes, experts recommend supporting an organization that’s naturally aligned with your business, then using photos, videos and social media to show customers the degree of your involvement. 

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