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Don’t Let a Business Trip Blow Your Productivity

Try these tips for getting more done on the road and staying on your game.
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April 04, 2013

Frequent business travel can really throw off your productivity. Irregular hours, time zone changes, jet lag and a packed schedule can derail even the most organized among us. As a frequent traveler I’m always looking for ways to make the most of time on the road (and time spent waiting to get on the road). Here are some good tips I just came across from Chris Griffiths of The Globe and Mail:

  • Use drive time to listen to books on tape; it’s a great way to catch up on your business reading.
  • Use your smartphone to create a mobile hotspot so you can access Wi-Fi wherever you are. You’ll get more done faster.
  • Use airport waiting time to do work that requires your laptop, such as creating documents.
  • On the plane, tap into your tablet. Even without an Internet connection, you can read articles you’ve bookmarked for offline reading, edit documents or listen to podcasts.

Since I’ve found Internet connections can be the trickiest (and often unexpectedly expensive) part of travel, I sprung for a portable Wi-Fi device so I can bypass the hotel’s network. When possible, I also try to travel on airlines offering Wi-Fi onboard. I do carve out some personal reading time on planes, as well; it helps refresh my brain.

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