Is This the Most Powerful Type of Marketing?

If you're not utilizing your own facility in your business's marketing efforts, you could be overlooking a valuable marketing tool.
January 30, 2013

No marketing is more powerful than “owned media,” in which a business controls the content about its company. Hospitals, with literally thousands of square miles of blank walls, waiting rooms, a captive audience and 100 percent control of their media message, often fail to utilize owned media. M Muneer, CEO of CustomerLab, outlines hospital marketing strategies, including: utilize media to talk about new services and treatments; strike a balance between environmental design and marketing; be sensitive, not salesy; engage employees; educate visitors, and translate brand position. Muneer says hospitals should use everything from telephone systems to parking lot signage, ambulance wraps and uniforms to convey their message and mission.

You don’t have to be as big as a hospital to have “owned media." Are you taking advantage of your visibility and potential to market inside your company where you control the message? What does your signage and store display say about you as a company? Are you utilizing waiting areas (for car dealers and mechanics, tanning salons, restaurants)? Maybe it’s time to take a tour of your own business!

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Photo: UCLA Health Sciences