How Much Freedom Do Your Employees Have on Social Media?

When it comes to regulating your employees’ use of social media at work, it helps to tell them what they can, rather than what they can’t do.
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April 17, 2013

One of the most important elements of employee training today is how your staff handles social media. Whether being the face of your business on social media is part of their jobs, or whether they’re just posting, tweeting and sharing as themselves, you need to put a social media policy in place.

Don’t expect to ban employees from using social media at work—it’s simply not realistic and will cause resentment (and employees are likely to do it anyway behind your back). Instead, take a positive tack by creating a policy that focuses on what employees can do, not what they can’t. The goal is not to stifle free expression, but to make sure employees understand what is and isn’t appropriate to say or share, both online and off.

With employees engaging in social media both during and after work hours, in the workplace and in personal settings, the personal and professional are overlapping like never before, making it more and more crucial to put some kind of policy in place. One simple rule that works for me: If your employees wouldn’t say it in front of an audience, they probably shouldn’t say it on social media, either.

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