Study Shows Customer Reviews More Important Than Expert Reviews

A new study shows consumers increasingly value customer reviews. Encourage your satisfied customers to review your business, and post the good and bad ones.
Contributing Writer,
January 09, 2013

Are consumer reviews overtaking professional reviews in importance? Apparently so: A new Weber Shandwick study found that, by a three-to-one margin, consumer electronics shoppers place more value on consumer reviews than on expert reviews. You don’t have to sell consumer electronics to smell a trend here—one that makes it more important than ever to be on top of what customers are saying about your company online.

You should create a process to manage your customer reviews. Make sure whoever manages your business’s online presence encourages customers to write reviews, responds quickly to customer feedback (both positive and negative) and shares the rave reviews throughout your online and social channels. Oh, and those negative reviews you’re so worried about? Don’t try to hide them—share them. They make your positive reviews appear more authentic, and customers will find them anyway.

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