Debunking Email Engagement Myths

Are your marketing emails turning customers off or enticing them to buy? The difference could be as simple as having a little fun.
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February 06, 2013

If you use email marketing to engage and retain customers, you’ve probably heard advice like “Don’t send too many emails—it drives customers away” or “It’s all about the subject line.” But if you’re following this advice, you could be making a mistake, as Inc. recently explored.

As a big shopper myself (and therefore the recipient of more retail marketing emails than I care to admit) I found myself nodding my head in agreement at reality checks like these:

  • Keep it light. Emails with fun, humorous subject lines are more likely to get readers’ attention—and less likely to get deleted.

  • Keep it short and sweet—sort of. You should put most of your calls to action and copy “above the fold,” but since some readers like to page down and learn more, it’s OK to put additional information at the bottom.

  • If it ain’t broke… don’t go crazy trying to reinvent the wheel with every email. Changing the subject line is often all you need to hook your customers.

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