Amazing Customer Service: Best Place to Look for a Strategy

Are you blind to customer service foibles when you’re not working? That could be a huge mistake.
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March 20, 2013

Do you notice poor customer service—or great customer service—in your “civilian” life? Of course you do. But do you think about those experiences when it comes to your own business? Probably not as much as you should—and that means you’re missing a great opportunity.

Starting tomorrow (or right now), pay attention to how you’re treated by other businesses. 1to1 Media calls this “walking in the customer’s shoes,” and while you should regularly do it in your own business, you can also get inspired by paying attention as you pump gas, wait in line at the cash register or pick up your dry cleaning.

Notice what goes well and what doesn’t. What aspects of the great service could translate to your business? Are you or your employees guilty of committing the same customer service faux pas?

Then take the next step and think about how you can do more than just satisfy your customers, but engage and amaze them. Ideas are all around us—we just need to keep our eyes open.

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