Will the Facebook Phone Work for Your Business?

The new Facebook phone is targeted at consumers who always want to be connected, but can it be an effective solution for small business?
Getting Small Businesses Unstuck, Shafran Moltz Group
April 05, 2013

Facebook is finally debuting their branded HTC phone with enhanced dialer and patented caller ID solution. It targets consumers who want to always be connected to Facebook and not miss any activity.

But can it be an effective solution for small business? Imagine a customer calling into a company completely outfitted with Facebook phones. The person answering would get much more than their name and caller ID. Instead, while the phone is still ringing, up pops the caller's picture and profile from Facebook. The person answering the phone can scroll to see recent check-ins, posted photos and news feeds that may be relevant to their call. Knowing these details about the caller would almost certainly enhance customer engagement and loyalty. In addition, they could see who their "friends" are as a source of additional prospects.

While this may seem a bit spooky, many CRM software companies are already integrating social media profile data into their products to form deeper relationship with their customers. Why not do it from the first call?


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Photo: Getty Images