Game Changers: nimbleTV Creates a Concept Worth Watching

Entrepreneur Anand Subramanian came up with an idea to help people bring local TV global, based on his own experience traveling.
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April 06, 2013

Anand Subramanian 
Company: nimbleTV 
Location: New York City 
Age: 41 

What he does: nimbleTV is a subscription-based service that allows customers to watch their cable TV service on mobile devices, including tablets, laptops and smartphones, from anywhere in the world. “Everyone who has paid for subscription television service has a right to watch on the device that they want to watch it on and where they want to watch it from,” Subramanian says. For example, people traveling in Germany on business can watch their local news at home live through their iPad using nimbleTV.

But more than just being able to watch a locally televised sports event from another state or a favorite program in English when traveling abroad, nimbleTV allows people to subscribe to whatever local cable service meets their needs, regardless of where they're living. “nimbleTV allows an American expatriate living in Hong Kong to subscribe to cable back home and television from their hometown while living abroad,” Subramanian says.

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How he got started: When Subramanian traveled abroad, he used a Slingbox to access cable, but found that it was a lot of effort and realized not everyone had the technical expertise required to use a Slingbox. “I wanted to have a simple service that was available no matter where I was in the world,” Subramanian says. He began talking about his idea to his friends and realized others also could use a service such as nimbleTV. “I really think that consumers are ready for enhanced television options, and nimbleTV is a simple solution to the problem,” Subramanian says. “When we get to choose what kind of beer and pop we drink, we should be able to choose our television as well.”

Why he’s a game changer: "Our business is globalizing television to make it ‘flat’ and accessible to anyone,” Subramanian says. “nimbleTV creates customer choice because people can sign up for any cable service provider, not just the one in their area, which creates more competition and a consumer-oriented market. It will also lift the geographic restrictions on programming that exist in the current market. Additionally, nimbleTV allows small content providers to be a global company, because now they can transmit to anywhere in the world.”

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His advice to other entrepreneurs: “Entrepreneurs should worry less about the consequences of their idea and just focus their efforts on fixing something that is wrong,” Subramanian says.

What’s next: The service is currently being tested by Beta users in New York City. The next step will be for nimbleTV to go live and then expand the providers and locations available for customers.

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