Get Better Service With a Simple Thank-You

Like your kindergarten teacher taught you, there’s a lot of power in the words thank you. Remember to say it to your employees—and your customers.
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February 28, 2013

Do you want to improve your company’s customer service? One way to accomplish that could be as simple as saying “thank you.” Thanking your front-line employees is, sadly, rare. But, as an article at HBR Blog Network points out, a genuine thank you (whether in-person, in an email or in a note) to an employee can have a galvanizing effect, leading to greater employee engagement and effort. For best results, make the thank you specific, personal and detailed.

While thanking the employees who provide your customer service is a great way to keep them motivated and energized, I suggest taking it one step beyond this blog post. You can power up your customer satisfaction by thanking your customers, too. I don’t mean the rote “Thank You” that you print on your receipts or say as people leave your restaurant, but a genuine thank you that, like those you give your team, is specific about what the customer did (“Thank you for choosing us to cater your 50th anniversary party.”), personal (“We know how important this event was to you and we value the trust you placed in us.”), and forward-looking (“We look forward to continuing to earn your business. Please accept this gift certificate good for $X toward your next event.”).

We all like to be appreciated—your employees, and your customers, do, too. Why not tell them how much you appreciate them?

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