Getting the News on Your Coffee Cup?

Gulf News teams with Tim Horton Coffee Shops to print breaking and regular news tweets on coffee sleeves.
Author, Profit First
April 22, 2013 Who can successfully drink a coffee, carry a bagel and check Twitter for breaking news all at the same time? Juggling Twitter and coffee doesn’t sound like a huge hassle, but you only have two hands! Streamlining this process sounded like a huge opportunity to Gulf News and Tim Horton’s coffee. The coffee shop prints news tweets from around the world onto coffee sleeves it serves to customers. Gulf News asked the coffee shop to partner with them to create a printer that pulled newsy tweets printed them on the sleeves hourly. With more than a million printed sleeves and traffic up on the web more than 41 percent, this idea was a success.

You never know what’s going to grab people’s attention, but just like fortune cookies, twitter and horoscopes, people love to digest bite-sized bits of information. This isn’t a new technique. Businesses with marques and those mobile signs have changed out quotes and inspiration for years. You can apply the same strategy without having one of these printers: a scrolling Twitter feed on a screen in your business would work just the same. The idea is to find a way to connect what you do, in this case a newspaper printing newsy tweets, to your customer.


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Author, Profit First