Does Your Company Have a Unique Voice?

Communicating your brand requires a “brand voice.” Here are three tips for developing your company’s voice.
Author, Profit First
January 14, 2013

Your voice is more than how you sound when you speak. It’s your consistent, unique personality. It’s who you are, what you stand for, how you interact with people. It’s how people see you—are you suit and tie or jeans and t-shirt? Formal or informal? Unless your company is a carbon copy of you, deciding what its voice is will be a little bit harder.

Three tips from Janine Popick, CEO of VerticalResponse, for developing your voice: Get your employees' contributions in determining the voice; identify a person or celebrity that epitomizes your brand and reference, “What would [that celebrity] do?”; and finally, put it all down in writing so every department and employee knows what voice to use, and consistently uses it when responding to customers.

Your company voice does more than convey your brand. It helps your employees understand how they’re expected to respond to your customers. Create a company voice that's consistent with who you truly are, and speak up so the people who connect with that voice flock to you.

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Author, Profit First