Google Glass Apps Wish List for Small Business

When it comes to Google Glass small-business apps, right now, it's slim pickings. We take a look at 5 available now and reveal the 5 we really want to see.
April 14, 2014

Last month, through the Google Glass Explorer Program, I was offered the chance to test Google Glass. I turned it down. You have to pay $1,500 to be included, and for that kind of money, I needed more than a "cool" product to sway me. I needed applications that would help me and my small business.

There aren't many small-business applications out there, as the product is still relatively new; however, what is available could be indispensable to some.

1. Speech Helper: Dump those PowerPoint slides and the handheld notes, and maintain eye contact with your audience. Use this small prompter in Glass to go through the presentation without either of these visual aids. Another application, Glassentation, works in a similar way.

2. AR for Wikipedia: If you're a business traveler, this “proof of concept” augmented reality app might interest you. Turn on Glass to learn about a new location through a link with Wikipedia. This could make business owners more comfortable traveling to new locations and learning about customers there.

3. Quotes: Want to be an inspirational leader? Use this Glass application to always have a quote available for the team. You'll have 64,000 different quotes to choose from

4. DriveSafe4Glass: For the business owner who drives a lot, this Glass application safely detects when a driver is falling asleep at the wheel. It can then direct the driver to the nearest rest stop.

5. Fancy Glass: This app has good potential for a business that sells a catalog of products. The Glass user takes a picture of something and the application does a visual search to find a match for purchase.

If none of those work for you, here are a few we hope to see come out in the near future.

1. Identify prospects and customers. Imagine if you were at a trade show or business meeting, and with Glass were able to take a picture of a person and immediately sends you the user information available in your company’s CRM system, or searches the Internet for information. This is already being done on a very basic level with an application for doctors called Medref

2. Use calendar reminders and social media notifications. Scheduling applications, like EasilyDo, could help the small-business owner juggle meetings, email, conference calls, deadlines, travel arrangements and social media notifications. Reminders would pop up in Glass at the appropriate time according to user settings.

3. Manage business expenses. A common pain point for entrepreneurs is entering business expenses in a timely manner or losing associated receipts. This Glass application would scan them at the time of purchase and file them automatically with the accounting department.

4. Monitor a meeting. Can’t attend an important meeting? Need to be in two places at once? With this future Glass application, see and hear what's going on in a meeting without actually being there. This is similar to the Hang W/ product that was demonstrated at CES in January.

5. Reduce wait time. There always seems to be a line. This Glass application would boost productivity by scanning the lines and using queuing theory to tell the user where the shortest wait is. This would be especially useful at the airport.

What Glass apps would you like to see? Share with the community in the comments below.

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