High-Tech Business Cards: Wave of the Future?

The days of swapping paper business cards isn’t over, but the end is near. High tech alternatives include NFC and QR codes. Are you in?
Author, Profit First
February 08, 2013 Face-to-face networking will always be the most effective way to connect with people. But networking warriors be warned, your weapon of choice—the business card—may be changing. QR codes and Near Field Communications (NFC) technologies, along with services like Vizibility that work with both, may just make your old paper business card obsolete. The driving force behind these technologies are smartphones: You can scan a QR code with your phone or tap two phones to exchange data using NFC, which is being built into more smartphones.

Recently, reporter Jon Brandon used the L.A. Auto Tradeshow as an unofficial test to gauge how people were using the technologies to swap information, and his findings were interesting. Though smartphones are pretty much ubiquitous on tradeshow floors, widespread adoption of the virtual business card isn't—yet perhaps is on the horizon.

NFC and QR codes both look like promising trends, and you don’t want to the last one to adopt the new way of sharing. Start trying them now, the investment is minimal, and keep the old paper cards at the ready for the other guy who is not hip to the technology yet.

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Photo:  Vizibility