How A Beer Rebranding Is A Lesson For Us All

Shotgun Betty is getting a makeover, one that includes bolder graphics, and a new bar tap handle shaped like a cowboy’s boot spur. It’s beer branding at its best.
Author, Profit First
February 22, 2013

Sweet Josie Brown Ale, Shotgun Betty Hefeweizen and Peacemaker Pale Ale are getting makeovers—enough to make them stand out as part of Lonerider’s new branding for the beer. Shotgun Betty will have a little more cowboy sex appeal. Her partners will have a bolder, more colorful attitude as well. They’re not being recast. They’re just undergoing a bold and graphic change—a rebranding. The rebranding changes extend to the bar tap—which will now be shaped like a spur—like you’d find on a cowgirl’s barrel racing boot. The changes and redesign are linked to the company’s expansion into Atlanta, Georgia and other areas of the country. After four years as a company, Lonerider Brewing is “growing up,” says Sumit Vohra, Lonerider Brewing Company’s CEO in Raleigh, NC. And they want their brand to reflect that.

Great companies are always growing and tweaking what they have to offer their customers. I mean, could you imagine if Apple was still shipping the Apple IIe? As your company matures, so should your branding and your products. That means rebranding your company to stay in touch with your growth, your customers and your improved product or service. When it comes time to rebrand yourself or your company, pick a time that makes sense to your customers—like when you expand your services or product line, or if you move to a new location, or when you add a major new product or product line, or a major calendar event (a new year or holiday). Not only does that give you a great story to help ease customers into the change, it also provides you with a reason for the media to take notice. A good rebrand done with thought and purpose sends the message you’re not just getting older, you’re getting better.

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Photo: Lonerider