How Angry Birds' Culture Helped it Soar

I'll admit it. I play Angry Birds a lot when I am traveling by plane. How did
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February 11, 2013

I'll admit it. I play Angry Birds a lot when I am traveling by plane. How did Rovio, the company that created this addictive game, become so successful? As it turns out, it was founded and nurtured in a very supportive business culture.

Harri Koponen, the COO of the Finnish company, said it all started by winning a hackathon in Finland. With technology providers like Ericsson and Nokia, a "Mobile valley" had been there for more than three decades. Rovio won a competition. 

"It was no big deal back then, but ... nowadays Assembly is massive," Koponen writes. Many similar events happen in the U.S. almost every week, like Disrupt NYC coming up in April. Events like this give companies a great chance to get their product widely noticed by financial investors and potential partners. If you've ever wanted to get your product in front of a bigger and more influential audience, this is an excellent strategy to consider. 

Koponen also believes that Finland's corporate rules were helpful since there aren't any taxes on companies until they start to generate income. He believes startups should be given subsidies if they meet certain target incentives. 

Is there a supportive startup culture in your business community? What do you do to help?

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Photo: Rovio