Apps That Have Changed Shopping Forever

Apps have changed the way consumers shop forever—here are three leading examples of the latest technology that makes it easy anf fun for your customers to buy.
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April 08, 2013 Way back when, shopping used to be one-dimensional. If a consumer wanted a product, he or she simply went to the local store to buy it. There was little room for choice on where the product was bought or how much he or she paid for it based on limitations of the world without Internet.

Of course, all of this has changed. A consumer can now purchase just about anything and have it shipped anywhere, usually overnight. Now more than ever, customers are turning to apps to research and make purchases. The newest wave of apps change the way customers shop—in store. Here are a few examples of game-changing apps that are making it easier, more appealing, and most importantly, fun, for your customers to buy:

Scan & Go: An application at Walmart that allows shoppers to scan the bar code, pack their item when they pick it off the shelf and go through self check out without rescanning the items. What it means: The next step in convenient customer checkout. 

Scan-It!: At Stop and Shop, this application offers up special discounts as the consumer walks into a particular aisle. What it means: Manufacturers can incentivize customers to try their products with discounted coupons. 

ScanSee: Scans an in-store bar code for the consumer and locates other places where the product can be purchased for less. What it means: The constant pressure on every retailer to offer the lowest price will put pressure on gross margins.

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