Text Coupons to Customers With Qwikon

Groupon and Living Social aren't the only ways for your business to get in on the daily deals craze.
Writer, editor, Street Fight
June 19, 2012

Why should a daily deal company get to wield absolute control over the rewards and incentives your small business is offering? With Qwikon, business owners can manage their own deals and keep their own profits without worrying about revenue shares or payment terms.

How It Works

Most consumers don't want coupons and discounts at businesses they've never tried. What they want are exclusive offers and better deals at the retail stores and restaurants they visit every day. Qwikon is a marketing tool that does just that, by encouraging consumers to sign up for special SMS offers from their favorite local businesses. Customers can start receiving these offers by sending a text message to a special Qwikon number or scanning a QR code posted somewhere in the participating merchant's establishment. For people who don't feel comfortable sending texts, Qwikon also offers the option of joining a merchant's marketing list by calling a special number.

Once a customer has signed up for a merchant's Qwikon list, he or she will begin receiving special text message offers sent directly from that business owner. These offers are generally time-sensitive, which means customers have only a matter of hours or days before their SMS coupons expire.

Qwikon in Action

Local merchants in virtually every industry can take advantage of Qwikon's tools for free by trying out the program during its beta period. Merchants who are selected as private beta test partners can start rewarding customers and generating loyalty in three basic steps:

  • Grow your marketing list. Qwikon offers are only sent to customers who've signed up to receive SMS deals, which means businesses need to promote their partnerships with Qwikon if they want their programs to be worthwhile.

  • Once you have enough fans, it's time to start creating special discounts and offers. Qwikon gives merchants complete control over this step, letting them choose the specific freebies and discounts they want to offer.

  • As soon as a deal has been created, it's ready to send. Qwikon's SMS offers reach subscribers' phones in just one minute, which means merchants can expect their customers to start coming in and redeeming their deals almost immediately.

Why It Works

Qwikon isn’t the only marketing platform that gives merchants a way to create promotions for their customers. What's unique about Qwikon, however, is just how quickly those offers can be sent out. Using text messages, merchants can send deals to their customers' phones in just one minute. This makes Qwikon a great way for businesses to drive traffic during slow-periods or off-peak times. The company claims that text messages are much more likely to be read and redeemed than traditional e-mailed coupons, with 97 percent of texts being read in minutes and conversion rates in the "10-15 percent range."

Maximizing the Benefits

The more customers a business has on its Qwikon marketing list, the more successful its limited-time promotions become. With this in mind, merchants should do everything possible to promote their Qwikon partnerships and encourage customers to sign up to receive texted coupons. In addition to posting in-store signage about Qwikon, merchants should promote their deals when talking with customers at the point-of-sale and make sure to post information on their Facebook pages and in any promotional marketing materials they send out.

Another way that local businesses can maximize the benefits of their Qwikon programs is by creating deals that their customers will actually want to redeem. According to Qwikon, the offers that get the most attention from customers are freebie deals—like a free appetizer with the purchase of an entrée—and BOGO (buy one, get one) specials.

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Stephanie Miles is an associate editor at Street Fight. She is based in Portland, Ore.