How to Avoid the Fatal Flaw of Leadership

Leaders are getting tired at an increasing rate. New studies show that the average CEO tenure has dropped from an average of 10 years in 2000 to 5-8 years today.
Getting Small Businesses Unstuck, Shafran Moltz Group
February 21, 2013

Leaders are getting tired at an increasing rate. Jack Zenger of Forbes writes that new studies show the average CEO tenure has dropped from an average of 10 years in 2000 to five to eight years today. One reason this is happening is because many leaders suffer from a fatal flaw: they are unable or unwilling to effectively build a team. The same ego that propelled the executive to lead that business is the same characteristic that can be their ultimate undoing.

Building a small business is not something you can do alone. The only way to grow a company is to get other team members to build products or services the company offers. As Carol Roth, best selling author and national media personality puts it: without a team, the small-business owner has "a job, not a company." Successful leaders don't try to control their employees, but rather seek their commitment. One of the ways this is done is to "be human." While a leader is not the employee's friend, he or she should approachable and should treat others with respect.

Have you built a team that can lead? Try this test. Go on vacation and leave your smartphone at home. What happens? Does your company thrive?


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