How to Engage Customers with Content

Content may be king and vitally important to your marketing outreach, but it’s more than just words on a page. Your content needs to be varied to succeed.
January 23, 2013

“Content marketing” seems to be the marketing buzzword of the year so far. But the term “content” covers more types of material than ever before, and you need a wide range of tactics to attract customers and prospects to that content. BtoB Online recently gathered some useful factoids about the best ways to drive customer engagement with your content.

  • Think of content as a continuum that includes everything from the micro (tweets, photos on Tumblr) to the medium (blog posts) to the long (ebooks, white papers and webinars). Use short-form content to funnel customers and prospects to engage with your longer content.
  • Make it eye-catching, easy to take in at a glance and simple to share. Customers are overloaded with information, which is why shorter content is catching on. And even your photos and tweets need to stand out.
  • Keep the time factor in mind. Different forms of content have different lifespans. For instance, 60 percent of interaction with a Facebook post takes place within the first hour, while 75 percent of emails are opened after at least an hour has passed.

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Photo: iStockphoto