How to Engage Short-Attention-Span Customers with Long-Form Content

With their ever-decreasing attention spans, it’s getting harder to get your customers to read long-form content. But there are some simple solutions.
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January 28, 2013

Your customers are busy, busy, busy—so busy they barely have time to read 140-character tweets. So how on earth can you expect them to engage with long-form content like whitepapers, reports or e-books?

Long-form content is still important for many businesses, such as those selling services or information. And it can still engage customers, says BtoB Online—you just have to know how to slice and dice it. The secret is to break your content up and tease readers with little bits at a time.

Suppose you’re putting together a 24-page ebook (or even a 240-page print book). Try:

  • Tweeting interesting stats, tips or tidbits you uncover during your research.
  • Writing short blog posts about topics you cover.
  • Doing a series of short (2-minute) videos where you talk about highlights of the content.
  • Posting factoids based on your content on Facebook or using them to start discussions on LinkedIn.

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