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How to Improve Your Productivity on the Road

Are you making the most of your downtime when you travel? Here's how to get the maximum work done between meetings and presentations.
Getting Small Businesses Unstuck, Shafran Moltz Group
January 30, 2013

I travel every week and am always faced with the challenge of how to maximize my productivity while on the road. There's a lot of downtime while waiting for flights, being on airplanes and spending after-business hours in hotel rooms. Here's how to get the maximum work done between meetings and presentations:

1. Put together a to-do list that does not require WiFi. While many planes have it now, I've found that it's far from reliable. Don't be stuck staring at the back of the chair for two hours (like I was on a recent flight) when the airpline WiFi failied. Remember email can be answered then sent when you land. 

2. Meet people face to face. This can be while traveling or at your destination. Through social media, most people have "friends" all over the country. Post that you're arriving in a city and there invariably will be someone you want to now meet IRL (In Real Life). 

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