One Step That Always Conquers Procrastination

The secret to having an incredibly productive day is as simple as one simple step.
Getting Small Businesses Unstuck, Shafran Moltz Group
March 04, 2013 In this interruption-based culture, it is easy to find ways to procrastinate. These range from checking email to social media status updates. But the most productive small-business owners know how to beat procrastination in a single step: they have a ritual that helps them focus and start working. Rituals abound in many places, not just the workday. Athletes, for example, have rituals they do before a game or even mini-ritulas before stepping up to home plate in baseball. 

Joshua Gross, cofounder of BundleScout, calls this procrastination-busting ritual a "productivity catalyst." It's the one thing that you can do to prepare yourself to seriously work. It's a signal that puts the brain in the right mindset to start to focus. Gross cites examples of famous people that have this catalyst. Before writing, Earnest Hemingway sharpened pencils and Charles Dickens arranged things on his desk. Gross prepares himself a cup of tea. I play the music of African musician, Ali Farka Toure.

Other examples of effective catalysts for small-business owners: a short exercise routine, wearing a certain piece of clothing or accessory, using a favorite writing utensil, sitting in a particular chair or lighting a candle.

What is your productivity ritual?


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Getting Small Businesses Unstuck, Shafran Moltz Group