Is a Picture Worth 1,000 Clicks?

Want more customers to like your Facebook posts and click through to your website? The solution is easy—you’re only a photo away.
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January 11, 2013

If your small business has a presence on Facebook, you probably have a gut feeling that the photos you post generate more interest and engagement than text-only posts. But just how much more? HubSpot decided to find out.

The company assessed 8,800 Facebook posts from both B2B and B2C companies' Facebook Pages and compared each businesses' average Likes-per-photo to their overall average Likes-per-post. The outcome? Photos received 53 percent more Likes, and 104 percent more comments than the average post.

But Likes and comments aren’t all you’re going for on Facebook—ultimately your goal is getting fans to click through to your website. HubSpot analyzed its own Facebook posts and found that photos with links got 84 percent more clicks than text with links.

Since 60 percent of the companies in HubSpot’s initial sample didn't include any links with their photo posts, there’s a lot of missed opportunity for small businesses to better engage.

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