Is Your Business Blog Focusing on the Wrong Things?

Your company blog shouldn’t be all about you. If you want to ensure your customers read it, write about them.
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March 20, 2013

Content marketing is the hottest customer engagement strategy of the year. If you’ve got a business blog, you’re probably congratulating yourself on being one step ahead in the content marketing game. But is your business blog focusing on the wrong thing?

If you’re like most small-business owners who blog, you’re constantly planning how your posts can promote your business. You write about new products, new services, new members of your team and industry trends. That’s great (and keep it up). Don't forget, however, to write about your customers too. 

Sharing customer photos, success stories, case studies or video interviews are all great ways to engage an audience with your blog. People love to read about themselves. Next time you’re creating content for your blog, think about ways you can put the focus on your customers (while, of course, subtly promoting the ways your product or service helped them). Your customers might read your blog post about you—but they’re sure to read your blog post about them.

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