Surprising Leadership Lessons from Reality TV

So many people want to get on TV to be the center of attention. Leaders need to realize all their employees crave a similar kind of recognition, too.
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March 28, 2013 I admit: I do occasionally watch reality TV. From "The Bachelor" to "Storage Wars," these shows make me want to watch what happens. Reality TV has become very popular in recent years because it is relatively inexpensive to produce and the viewing public loves to watch others go through various trials and tribulations so they can forget about their own problems for an hour. 

In 1988, Glenn Llopis, now a consultant on business leadership, was recruited to be on Love Connection, one of the most popular shows at that time. His appearance was so popular, he was asked to host 40 other events to attract the best contestants for the show.

Through his experience, Llopis now shares what he learned about leadership:

1. Everyone wants a chance to shine. Whether it is on TV or in the workplace, Llopis believes that every single person wants to get attention and gain influence. Leaders need to use this to motivate people and publicly reward employees. 
2. People want to be heard. Llopis says that people were so excited just to talk to the talent recruiter and be considered for the show. Likewise, Llopis believes that "leaders need to take a more proactive role in listening to the needs of their people. Everyone wants to be heard."
3. Self promotion gets you nowhere fast. Llopis met so many people who made it all about themselves trying to get on TV. He says that "I recently met with an executive that had an incredible amount of raw talent, but was an extremely self-centered person. All she could talk about was herself and her accomplishments."

Although I have never been on a Reality TV show, I have been interviewed many times on televised business shows. I will admit, I love when the camera spotlight shines on me. Your employees will love this kind of attention and focus from you, too. 


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