Lean Your Marketing

Remember the old adage about marketing - only 50 percent of your marketing works, you just do not know which 50 percent? Many marketers are
December 22, 2008  Remember the old adage about marketing - only 50 percent of your marketing works, you just do not know which 50 percent? Many marketers are still under that philosophy.

Today's companies are innovative and focuses on waste reduction, improved lead time, maximized flexibility and upgraded quality using lean principles. But few are transferring these principles to their marketing practice.

Some marketers still believe a system will stunt their creativity, but it has been proved time and time again that a system will stimulate creativity. Applying lean principles to your marketing will lead to more creative ideas that your customer truly wants rather than just another cute campaign. Do you believe Microsoft customers wanted Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfield? Do you even think they wanted, "I am a PC?"

Increasing competition demands a continuous focus on minimal costs, maximum customer options, fast delivery and high-quality products and services.Lean marketing is a whole-systems approach that creates a culture of continuously improving processes. It is a system focused on and driven by customers, both internal and external.

What if your marketing was based on these principles?

Your marketing must meet the customer's needs at both a specific time and be delivered with the required message. The thousands of mundane and sophisticated things that marketers do to deliver a message are generally of little interest to customers. To view value from the eyes of the customer requires needless messages to be reduced. Having identified your ideal customer is to understand all the activities required to explain the benefits of a specific product and optimize the whole marketing process from the view of the customer.

Many marketers need to critically evaluate their processes to determine their effectiveness in bringing maximum value to customers. Today's techniques are creating more efficient methods to deliver targeted messages in the particular manner that customers wish to receive. As stated earlier, lean marketing is a system focused on and driven by customers. Optimizing the value stream from their eyes and in an efficient process takes marketing to a level not experienced before.

People become confused with what planning and standards are meant to be. Standards are not control mechanisms. Standards and plans are dynamic. They let you know where the problems are sooner, where to begin a search for solutions, and prevent you from making the same mistake twice.

Marketing should be effective, efficient, and innovating, while focusing on understanding the customer's needs. If we keep these thoughts in mind, we will only produce materials of value to a customer and only give the material to the customer when he needs it versus a constant barrage of information. Now ask yourself these two questions:

1. Is your marketing giving you a sustainable advantage over your competition?

2. Based on the old adage, can you save significant dollars in your marketing, while gaining market share?

Joe Dager is the founder of Business901 and a Duct Tape Marketing Coach located in Fort Wayne, IN. Find more information online at www.business901.com