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How to Maintain Strong Business Relationships

Relationships play a critical role in your business. Here’s how to make sure yours are as strong as possible so that your company keeps moving forward.
April 21, 2015

A business lives or dies based on its relationships. I have always had the core belief that if you treat people as friends, and give everyone the opportunity to win and look good in their careers, that can set you up to accomplish an infinite number of things in your own career.

As the founder of Yoobi, I have relied on a few very important tools to help me build strong relationships over the years:

1. Relationships are built face to face.

They are not done by email or text. You get more done and make better decisions when you can look someone in the eye over a meal or a glass of wine. Breaking bread and sharing experiences is how you build a strong relationship. It's also how you build trust and long-term success.

2. Don't stretch the truth.

When there are issues popping up in a relationship, attack them head on. You need to be honest and frank about what's going on to make it work. I've found that when you are open with other people, they are often very open in return to helping you deal with any challenges you may be having.

3. Nurture your relationships.

You have to treat your relationships like you would the most important assets in your business. You have to water them like you would a garden and you need to be aware of them at all times. You can't just call someone up when you need them. It needs to be constant.

4. Build a core network.

I can track every major success in my life back to five people. And when I talk to other successful people and asked them the same question, everyone tells me they have a similar number. Which means that the difference between successful people and less successful ones comes down to five core relationships they build. Start building your core five today.

5. Surround yourself with phenomenally awesome people.

I focus on what I am good at, but I am only successful because I have surrounded myself with incredibly positive people who know their stuff and help support me, keep me grounded and help keep the momentum of our business moving forward.


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