Manti Te’o Hoax: How the Fallout Could Affect Your Social Media

Manti Te’o’s dead girlfriend hoax reveals how quickly a brand can fall. What social media lessons can you learn from the fallout?
Author, Profit First
January 22, 2013

Manti Te’o’s dead girlfriend hoax is about to change how college athletes do social media, and how America gets access to its sports heroes. Now that the hoax has been exposed, will universities and colleges suppress free speech, or teach their athletes how to embrace social media responsibly? Sadly, the most likely scenario, on the heels of the hoax, may be for universities to do the former.

Manti Te'o is a brand, just like your business is a brand. Hoax or not, anything that goes wrong is exposed to the world. Social media is something that you must do for your business—it's no longer and option. But the lesson here is to always proceed with care. Every move you make is being watched.

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Photo: Neon Tommy/Flickr