Does Your Marketing Strategy Need a Good Spring Cleaning?

Spring-cleaning isn’t just for houses. Chances are your website, marketing strategy and contact lists (among other things) could be polished, too. Here are tips on how to get it done.
Author, Profit First
March 28, 2013

Before you block off a spring-cleaning weekend to empty the garage and steam clean the carpets, take a second look at your marketing strategies. They could probably use a little (or a lot) of cleaning up, too. Maybe you could scan through all the innovative articles you bookmarked from the web this winter and decide which ones you’re really going to use, and toss the rest. Or maybe it’s your Rolodex or contact software that needs updating. It wouldn’t hurt to clean out contacts that have moved on, or are no longer at a company you haven’t pitched in years. Maybe your office looks like a contestant for “Hoarders, the Entrepreneur’s edition.” From your website to your social media pages, dig in and start getting rid of stuff you’re not using or don’t need. These 10 tips by Lisbeth Calandrino of TimesUnion will get you started.

Maybe you planned to do things differently in 2013. Maybe you made the grand New Year's resolution for your business. Well, don't get down on yourself for not doing it. Instead, use this fresh, spring season as a reason to refresh your business, revamp your marketing and tie up loose ends.

Thinking about it is worthless if you don't actually carve out the time. So, right now, while you're reading, go on your calendar and block off a day or two for spring cleaning your business. The returns will be huge, but only if you do it.


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Author, Profit First