Mobile Advertising is a Goldmine After All

Mobile advertising got off to a questionable start and looked to be doomed, but Facebook and others have made the turn.
Author, Profit First
January 08, 2013

Go ahead and listen to the people telling you that mobile advertising “doesn’t work.” That leaves more potential sales for the rest of us! Think about it. With people spending 10 percent of their day online and companies only spending 1 percent of their advertising budget online, that leaves 9 percent of the mobile advertising market untouched, wide open, free for the taking. Can you say kid in a candy store with $1,000 to spend on penny candy?

Part of the reason people say mobile ads don’t work is because they’re using banner ads and boxes. Boring. That’s like saying cars aren’t a good idea because there’s no huge demand for Model T autos. Businesses just haven’t caught up to the change in advertising formats. You know newspaper ads are different than radio ads, which are different than TV ads. But did you know mobile ads that work are videos and photos and even games, not static banner ads? Even better, mobile ads that play well to an iPad are different than mobile ads that work on a PC or even a smartphone. Mobile advertising is a goldmine waiting to be tapped. Have you got the right tools to mine it? Tech industry expert Mike Vorhaus of Magid Advisors dispels the doom and gloom about online ads for the naysayers.

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Author, Profit First