Social Sharing: Monday Morning Blues = Monday Afternoon News?

When’s the best time to post to social media to get your info shared by others? A new poll says it’s Monday, when people are battling post-weekend blues.
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March 07, 2013

Trying to engage with customers on social media? Boost your chances of getting your message spread by posting or tweeting on Monday morning so users can share your content on Monday afternoon, a new study by mobile network Three advises.

The poll found that smartphone users share about 67 million items a week. The most popular time for sharing is Mondays—specifically, 2:36 p.m. on Mondays, as users get through the Monday-afternoon back-to-work blues by touching base with the friends they saw over the weekend.

What are customers most likely to share from your business? News, funny photos or videos, and discounts or special offers topped the list. Consider making it funny, since 37 percent say the main reason they share is to make others smile (LOLcats, anyone?).

Another option? Get controversial—23 percent say the main reason they share is to provoke a reaction from others. Don’t get too “out there” though and risk turning people off, but do consider posting a thought-provoking take on a hot topic in your industry.

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