New Twist On Get Rich Quick Targets Small Businesses

Small business owners become the target of scams because of the traits that make them successful.
President, Proximo, LLC
April 03, 2013 When it comes to get rich quick schemes, the victims tend to be individuals who aspire to have more wealth than they do and whose limited financial education taints their ability to distinguish scams from genuine opportunities. Traditionally, business owners weren't the target of these schemes as they're generally perceived to already have success and business savvy. But as it turns out, some clever scammers have learned that small-business owners make great targets.

Business owners already have a propensity towards risky activities. They also have a taste for rewards commensurate with the risk they undertake. This combination of traits have made them increasingly appealing targets of fraudsters. The timing is also right. After so many years of lackluster results, many entrepreneurs are finally looking for higher returns and their judgement may be cloudy.

Remember that if it took years to achieve success in your current business, it isn't likely that overnight success or double-digit returns per month on a new venture are realistic. Avoid the temptation and stick with what you know.


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