Potentially Embarrassing Foreclosure Information Now Available for Free Online

OPEN's finance expert Mike Periu on foreclosure information that is accessible online.
President, Proximo, LLC
October 25, 2012 For many struggling small-business owners, enduring a foreclosure has become all too common.  As revenues drop, keeping up with home mortgage payments becomes difficult or impossible. As a home goes through foreclosure, numerous filings have to be made with the clerk's office in the city or county where its located. Up until now, this information was only available by visiting the clerk's office in person or through one of several paid-subscription websites that offered this information online. Not anymore.  Zillow.com, the online real estate information website, has announced that it will offer foreclosure information—for free—to registered users. This makes it much easier for clients, employees and vendors to learn about your personal financial condition.

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