Rock Star Beer: Best Brand Extensions Ever?

Iron Maiden’s song “The Trooper,” isn’t just great music. Now it’s a beer too. More bands are producing and branding themselves with beer.
Author, Profit First
March 29, 2013

You might think something described as a “black liquid wall of death in your mouth,” or “Eddie’s Evil Brew,” wouldn’t exactly fly off the shelves. But you’d be wrong. Bands like Municipal Waste, Iron Maiden, Pig Destroyer, AC/DC and others are getting involved in a unique kind of sideline—producing and branding their own beers and wines. The names often reflect the band’s musical styles, which range from heavy metal to classical. And they cost a bit more as well, since the band’s popularity alone sells them out. It’s actually quite a marketing strategy, since music and alcohol frequently go so well together.

Sometimes your offering is a one-time purchase. For example, you can only buy one copy of Iron Maiden’s song "The Trooper" before it’s redundant to buy it again. But chances are, hardcore Iron Maiden fans won’t stop after buying one bottle of The Trooper, the English Ale with the same name. Each time they tip another mug or bottle, or order the beer by name, they’re reinforcing the brand in their own mind as well as that of their friends. It’s a no-brainer to see how doing brand extensions and spinoffs like branding yourself with a consumable product can inspire the consumer to make repeat purchases. Do the same for your brands, troopers.


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Author, Profit First