Sales Spectacular - Part 2: Perfecting the Pitch

In Part 2 of our sales Special Feature, we look at perfecting the art of the sales pitch.
June 13, 2012

The sales spectacular rolls on. In Part 2 of our June Special Feature series, we explore the art and science of the sales pitch. From getting that all-important meeting to avoiding a major faux pas on a sales call, we've got advice, tips, tricks and even some customer psychology to help you get prospects interested.

How to Get a Sales Meeting That Will Matter

Small-business expert and author Barry Moltz gives you the essential criteria to evaluate every sales meeting to see whether it is valuable or a waste of time. And once you get the important meeting, Barry shows you how to capitalize on the opportunity.

9 Tips To Get Better at Selling Anything

No matter what you sell, sometimes you just need to use some psychology and basic strategy. Business psychology and etiquette expert Bruna Martinuzzi shows you the nine elements you need to turn a prospect into a customers.

3 Weird Sales Pitches That Worked

Cold calls, flyers and e-mail blasts are for the unimaginative. Increase the effectiveness of a targeted sales pitch by employing some creative thinking. Here business writer Katie Morell shows you three companies that turned weird sales pitches—one including a helicopter—that led to big returns.

Avoid the  4 Most Common Sales Blunders

You wouldn't believe what some people do on sales calls. Eating, yelling and other ill-mannered behavior will gain you nothing but a dial tone. Here's what you should avoid.

A Sales Guru's Secrets of Success

Veteran business reporter Jane Applegate sits down with top-notch salesperson and sales coach Colleen Stanley to get her take on what it takes to make a sale.

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