Would You "Ship My Pants" With Kmart?

A new viral video about free shipping hits big on a simply word play. Now Kmart will 'ship my pants"!
Getting Small Businesses Unstuck, Shafran Moltz Group
April 17, 2013 Company employees doing Harlem Shake videos are so last month. Kmart has a new viral hit with their online commercial, "Ship My Pants." It promotes the retail giant offering to ship products not available in stores for free. The "Ship My Pants" video has almost 10 million views in just five days. It has caught fire simply because of its word play. Adults and kids in the video talk about how they can "ship their pants" right here in the store—a slip of the tongue would have them using a popular curse word about what you might do when you get . . . nervous. 

Kmart took the risk in an effort to launch their campaign in the battle of improving customer service and to stop "showrooming." While some consumers think the ad is vulgar, its edgy humor has got people talking about Kmart again. It is amazing because free shipping from Kmart's retail stores is not innovative, since Walmart has offered this for a long time.

Some online detractors think the video does not reflect positively on Kmart's brand. Buzz does not always translate to sales, but being part of a customer's conversation again is always the first step.

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Getting Small Businesses Unstuck, Shafran Moltz Group