4 Steps to Spring Clean Your Small Business

Spring your business forward with these four organizational tips.
CEO/President, Manta
March 20, 2013

If the first hint of spring has you cleaning out closets and sweeping up dust-bunnies, why not take that renewed energy and apply it to your business? Whether it's cleaning up your inbox, website, old files or sales leads, it's essential to cut clutter to spring your business into the new season. As simple as it may seem, de-cluttering your business can in fact be a strategic decision. Deciphering what to keep and what to purge may influence how—or even whether—your business grows.

Here are four organizational tips to help your business continue to move forward:

1. The cloud is the new filing cabinet. If you plan on purchasing more filing cabinets to store sales leads and customer files now piled high on your desk, consider using a CRM service for small businesses that offer cloud storage, with access to your information anywhere and anytime. That way, you won’t lose materials or have to bury your head in drawers while searching for information related to past clients. Without massive paperwork on your desk, not only can you free up space to give your office a new look, you can now focus more on tactics and strategies to scale your business in the second half of the year.

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2. Look fresh and clean to your online prospects. Because more people browse the Internet these days before buying, it’s crucial that your website’s user-interface be friendly and easy to navigate. Avoid providing all the information about your company—such as hours, offerings and location—on the homepage. Instead, list topics that link to different pages. When you’re updating information on the Web, make sure your network is also aware of the changes, since online connections can often help small businesses generate referrals and leads.

3. Give your email inbox a good scrub. It’s no surprise that you feel bombarded by quirky spam, given that an estimated 247 million emails are sent every day, according to Email Marketing Report. If it’s difficult to decide what’s trash and what’s treasure, it’s time for a deep-clean of your inbox. This doesn’t mean sacrificing your weekend to delete junk mail; instead, take 15 to 20 minutes at the end of each day to sort emails into appropriate folders. Most email providers offer support for automating cleanup, through use of tools including searches, labels and filters.

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4. Spring forward. 
To get your entire team engaged and excited about the remainder of the year, schedule a company meeting to highlight key company accomplishments and top initiatives from the first quarter, as well as review priorities for the months ahead. Take time to recognize your high performing team members, so that the collective group is ready to spring forward for the rest of the year.

Although spring is a good reminder for all of us to get organized and energized, it’s a good idea to execute on best practices all year long to stay organized.

Pamela Springer is CEO of Manta, the largest online community dedicated to small business. 

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CEO/President, Manta