Small Business Week In Review

Each week, OPEN Forum's editors round up the most compelling advice from our contributors. Here are the highlights.
Executive Editor, Editors
July 28, 2011

Each week, OPEN Forum's editors round up the most compelling entrepreneurial news and advice from our contributors and others. Here are this week’s highlights: 

9 Tips For Great E-mail Subject Lines

The mere act of an e-mail landing in an inbox doesn’t guarantee that the recipient will open it. But there are certain best practices to help tilt the odds in your favor. Helen Jane Hearn offers nine tips for better e-mail subject lines

How Educated Are Successful Entrepreneurs?

Is there a correlation between entrepreneurial success and a founder's educational background? A survey conducted by the Kauffman Foundation attempted to find out. Check out the visual representation of the results. 

5 Simple Tips For Better Business Websites

For any successful small business, customer service excellence is probably a high priority. But shaping that same experience on the Web is a challenge. Mashable’s Kelli Shaver provides five tips for better business websites

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn: Where Should You Be?

Your time is precious—where should you spend the most on social media? With the many platforms out there, it’s hard to choose, and trying to juggle all of them can end up with half-baked efforts across the board. The key? Figure out what you’re trying to accomplish and find the platform that suits those needs. Wise Bread’s Thursday Bram breaks down which social media platform is best for you. 

Why The Customer Is Not Always Right And Why It Doesn’t Matter

When it comes to business, you’ve been trained to have the mindset that the customer is always right. But are they? Andy Beal says an emphatic “no” and explains how to deal with these customers—the key is swallowing your pride.

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