Smart Training Systems Focus on the Buyer

Train your sales reps to be in tune with their prospects by educating them about what particular buyers your company seeks, how those buyers think.
December 12, 2012

An important part of the training process is to inform your salespeople about the types of buyers your company works with and what their goals are, writes Patrick Seidell. "For you to successfully link strategy and execution, start with how you train reps," he recommends. "Train them on the buyer—their motivation, how they buy and what they think."

To do that, focus at least 30 percent of the training process on teaching your reps about your buyers' personas: "who they are, what they feel, how they buy, what are their goals and how they are measured," Seidell writes. You should also build in real-life customer feedback, make sure the whole training process is buyer-centric, and teach your reps how buyers get educated and follow market trends.

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Photo: iStockphoto